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  • The Power Of Vulnerability

    The Power Of Vulnerability

    About This Course We’ve been taught that we should hide our vulnerabilities because if we don’t – they will be used against us.   Discover why this strategy is basically a recipe for a disaster and the ten simple daily actions that we can practice to live authentically and ethically.   You’ll also learn how…

  • Healing Abandonment, Betrayal & Broken Trust

    Healing Abandonment, Betrayal & Broken Trust

    About This Course   Every human being is affected by trust being broken, abandonment by a loved one or betrayal by a lover or friend – at some time or other. Most of them remain wounded for a lifetime because they don’t know how to heal themselves.   This session explains the steps to take,…

  • Compassion Meditation

    Compassion Meditation
  • Emotional Needs In Relationships

    Emotional Needs In Relationships

    About This Course With 45 years married, a book and workbook on the subject and a 3 day course with thousands of graduates, it would be fair to say that Paul and Mary Blackburn have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject of Relationships.   This session focuses on the emotional needs we…

  • Relationship Vision Meditation

    Relationship Vision Meditation
  • Personality Meditation

    Personality Meditation
  • Nurturing Key Relationships

    Nurturing Key Relationships

    About This Course   A group of warm, caring, positive relationships has been identified as the number one factor in longevity. Specifically, people who live to be 100 whilst maintaining good health and mental acuity, are overwhelmingly members of a close-knit community.   When you view the Nurturing Key Relationships Execution Plan, you’ll be watching…

  • Nurturing Key Relationships Meditation

    Nurturing Key Relationships Meditation
  • The Art & Science Of Communication

    The Art & Science Of Communication

    About This Course Learn how to be heard and understood the first time.   Communication is an art because we all have words that fit in our mouth better than others. It’s also a science because those very same words can often be interpreted in ways that we never intended.   The Art & Science of…

  • Deepening Your Relationship

    Deepening Your Relationship

    About This Course Learn the 5 simple keys to improving intimacy and creating deeper relationships.   The Deepening Your Relationships Execution Plan is a quick, easy to use roadmap to amazing relationships. You’ll discover a simple five step process that ensures your relationships consistently deliver a deeper, more meaningful connection along with a feeling of…