Managing Yourself Through Change


  • Overview

The only known constant in the universe is CHANGE – yet we resist it as if our lives depended on ‘everything’ staying the same!


Like King Canute ordering the tide to recede, we often struggle against the inevitable surge of change despite our inability to prevent it from taking place.


This program explains the process of change – what emotions it arouses, what strategies we must use to effect lasting, worthwhile change and how we can best support others struggling with change.


It also explains the ‘Change Curve’ in-depth – outlining the most common experiences people travel (sometimes exasperatingly sluggishly) through when change occurs.


As change accelerates due to technological advances – more and more people will be ‘left behind’ – unable to cope with shifts in our culture, way of life, methods of work and ways of relating.


This program explores how to manage yourself best while everything around you morphs, changes and develops beyond our ability to predict.