Fear: Best Friend & Mortal Enemy


  • Overview

Fear, in all of its forms, influences every decision you make and every action you take – it is at the root of all that you do. 


Therefore, it is critical you know how to effectively work with it. Sadly, the most common strategy for dealing with fear is to try to control it, which just doesn’t work. 


In fact, the fear response is so hardwired that its mechanisms can completely bypass thought and have you a trembling mess before you even know why. 


What’s the solution? 


In basic terms, the answer is learning how to overcome fear whenever you need to so that it never holds you back. 


Obviously, fear is going to keep coming up – and it should. Some fear is actually good for you. A lot of fear, or fears you haven’t recognised are driving your behaviour, not so much. 


In this workshop you’ll learn six proven strategies for overcoming fear so that you can work through whatever you need to, whenever you need to. We’ll also cover the three big fears that drive all others, the ‘amygdala hijack’ and how it works, the role judgement plays in keeping you scared and the difference between reacting to fear and responding to it thoughtfully. Finally, we’ll share the three steps to mastering fear so you can set yourself free.