Motivation & Discipline


  • Overview

All successful people refer to their disciplined approach to whatever they were doing. They also describe how important staying motivated was.


In this workshop you will learn how to turbocharge your motivation and discipline so they propel you towards your goals.


You’ll discover that motivation from an outside source (music, speeches, books…) jumps out the window in an instant. Like procrastination – motivation is 100% internally sourced.


In fact, motivation is the opposite of procrastination. What they have in common is that we find it near impossible to switch them on and off.


They both refuse to respond to logic. That’s why we struggle with them.


Learn tried and true recipes for finding your inner driver, methods for finding what really matters enough to ‘push’ you to do what works, systems for getting ‘de-cluttered’ and free to move forward, methods for overcoming the fear of success/failure that sucks motivation dry, and processes that identify your source of endless energy for the things you want to do.