This Month

This Month

Track your goals, targets and achievements for the week, target your learning, monitor water consumption, exercise, meditation or Personal Success Routine. Maintain awareness of the months’ topic, reflect on the week, keep an eye on self-care and organize anything important to you.

What’s the opposite of the overwhelm any serious student would feel when they see the full extent of the resources on this website?


Well, actually it’s us going one step further and taking you by the hand – helping you develop the laser focus that will make short change of becoming a better you.


Each month we select one of our fundamental pillars of learning and walk you through it with:


  • Small weekly assignments delivered to your phone,
  • A webinar that explains the bottom lines in the subject,
  • A meditation to create breakthroughs in the same area and,
  • Access to our private FB group where sharing can take place.



Jump right in!


This month we are focusing on Emotional Patterns.
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