Understanding People


  • Overview

This workshop doesn’t just explore how you can understand people more easily, get on better with them and influence them to be more productive while working in your teams.


It also allows you to explore how you can best “fit” with the key 3 people in your life. Understanding where they are coming from, what motivates them and the language to speak to most easily persuade them makes life easier and more fruitful for both you and them. This workshop is a comprehensive deep dive into what makes people “tick” and an exploration of how you can best create harmonious and productive relationships with them.


Expect to learn:

  • How to hear what they are really saying,
  • When to speak up and when to hold back,
  • What to do to move the 3 Key people in your life closer to you,
  • What makes people feel misunderstood,
  • How to communicate in a language that makes sense to the listener,
  • Why listening is more important than speaking,
  • The “4 single keywords” that tell you who you are talking to.