Self Compassion


  • Overview

Everyone can benefit from a little more self-compassion – you can’t really have too much!


In truth, most of us are quite hard on ourselves, particularly if we get even the slightest hint that we don’t ‘measure up’ in some way. We have a tendency to berate ourselves for the smallest mistakes, which prevents feelings of compassion.


Practicing self-compassion has many benefits: increased well being, motivation, happiness and resilience, as well as a strengthened immune system, reduced stress and increased understanding of both ourselves and others.


In this workshop you will learn the three core components of self-compassion, four reasons we find self-compassion so difficult to practice and eight scientifically-proven benefits of self-compassion. You will also learn nine practices for improving compassion and four practical self-compassion exercises all designed to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.