Imposter Syndrome


  • Overview

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?


Like your friends or work colleagues are going to discover you’re a fraud, and you don’t actually deserve your job and accomplishments?


If so, you’re in good company. These feelings are known as imposter syndrome. An estimated 70% of people experience these imposter feelings at some point in their lives, according to The International Journal of Behavioural Science.


If you feel you are holding yourself back, if you feel like you suffer from chronic self-doubt, or delay taking action because of fear of failure, or you are unable to internalise your successes then it is time to put these feelings of inadequacy to bed and make sure your perceptions about your ability and performance line up with your talent and achievements.


This session offers an understanding of what imposter syndrome is and how to deal with it effectively. This is very important in today’s increasingly competitive world.