Staying Strong & Centred Through Challenges: Coaching


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  • Overview

Taking responsibility for the character you show in times of crisis – your mindset, your attitude, your actions – is an amazing way to become part of a hurting world’s recovery.


Getting your head right will allow you to be part of the solution – when you act according to your values despite your fears, you’ll be showing the rest of the world that they can too.


So, I’ll say it again – thank you.


Now – let’s get straight to the goodies!


The Staying Strong & Centred During Challenges Kit includes brand new short video lessons, meditations from our extensive library and session recordings from some of our past paid programs. In it you’ll find loads of great information and exercises you can dive straight into.


Next, you’ll need to know about your group coaching sessions and support systems.


Here’s the lowdown…


Group Coaching Sessions 
Your group coaching sessions with me will be run weekly on Zoom. For the next 6 weeks we’ll be meeting at 2pm each Saturday. Simply click on the zoom link below and follow the prompts to join each call.


*** It is vital that you are in a quiet area with no background noise and a strong internet connection. ***


(time date access info)


Worksheets & Meditations 
Your weekly worksheets and meditations, which are specifically designed to go with that week’s lesson, will be available on this page. They’ll be uploaded each week so you can focus on them one at a time as we move through the program.


SMS Messages 
Your text messages will be automatically delivered to you as long as you have provided us with your phone number. They’ll arrive daily Monday-Friday and are designed to help you stay focused and motivated.


I can’t wait to get started on our weekly calls.


In the meantime, click on that link up the top and check out the goodies inside Breakthrough In Lockdown Resource Kit. There’s plenty of great material you can dive into before our first coaching session.


Stay safe and enjoy the program.


If there’s anything you need help with – just reach out.

  • Downloadable Assets

The worksheets and meditations specific to each weekly lesson will be available t download here once we start on 10th May.



Oops! You don’t have access to this page just yet…


This section of our website is where members of our Staying Strong & Centred Through Challenges Coaching Program access their resources.


What is the Staying Strong & Centred Through Challenges Coaching Program? 


It’s designed to be a short, high intensity program that will deliver six weeks of support as you establish habits and rituals that will get you through these challenging times – and any others that come along down the track. It’s for anyone who is looking for some extra support and access to Paul at the moment.


It includes the Staying Strong & Centred Through Challenges Free Resource Kit, plus…


6 x Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls with Paul


6 x Weekly Breakthrough Worksheets & Meditations
(These are specifically designed to go with that week’s lesson)


Daily Texts
(Designed to keep you focused and motivated)


Can You Be A Part Of It? 


Absolutely! We’d love to have you with us.


If you’d like to join this program, just click on this link and we’ll get you started right away.


What Does It Cost? 


$97 per week for six weeks


How Do You Join? 


Just click here and access to the additional resources will be available right here after you complete the checkout process.