Emotional Needs In Relationships


  • Overview

Most people believe that if they can communicate effectively, their relationships will be solid. But communication is one small factor in a much larger picture.


Successful relationships require that both parties are having their emotional needs met. That is, the conditions we need to feel happy, fulfilled or at peace must be present. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of their emotional needs and are left wondering why they feel sad, lonely, irritated, angry or tired.


In order to create a successful, fulfilling relationship, we need to learn what our emotional needs are, place high value on them and organise for them to be met in healthy ways.


In this program you will:

  • Uncover the ‘hidden agenda’ you unwittingly bring into relationships
  • Discover what your emotional needs are (the conditions you need to feel secure, happy and loved)
  • Learn to recognise the signs that your emotional needs are not being met
  • Find out how to go about meeting your emotional needs
  • Learn how to craft calm, judgement free conversations
  • Discover the six critical factors needed to resolve key issues with your partner
  • Learn five science backed methods you can use to invest in the future of your relationship.