Building Resilience


  • Overview

Resilience is a crucial ingredient to a happy, healthy life. More than anything else, it’s what determines how high we rise above what threatens to wear us down, from battling an illness, to bolstering a marriage, to carrying on after a national crisis. Everyone needs resilience.


The way we think about stress and adversity, our beliefs about our abilities and our attitudes toward the future have powerful effects on how we cope. 


  • Increase your awareness of the relationship between your thoughts and your emotions.
  • Gain insight into your beliefs when things go wrong.
  • Look for alternative beliefs when you are experiencing debilitating emotions.
  • Understand the link between negative thoughts and feelings
  • Replace unhelpful negative thoughts with helpful coping thoughts.
  • Develop the 7 critical strengths that comprise resilience
  • Learn to view problems from a positive strengths perspective rather than a negative weakness perspective.
  • Stop wasting energy by attempting to control things that are out of your control and start putting your energy into things you can control
  • Apply 4 strategies to increase your resilience
  • Steer through your everyday adversities with ease and grace
  • Bounce back from setbacks that occur
  • Reach out to achieve all you are capable of.
  • Develop a healthier and more positive habit of mind and a more balanced perspective on difficult life situations.