The Power Of Intention


  • Overview

In the next ten years it is highly likely that:


  • Your personal device will contain unlimited storage of data that it can download at speeds you cannot yet imagine (no need for a chip under your skin when it already goes everywhere with you).


  • Digital currencies will morph from fringe to mainstream, (you’ll cope easily with it).


  • Electric cars will become normal – while prices of electricity will plummet (Germany is closing down power stations that can’t make electricity as cheaply as wind and solar).


  • A regular house will be 3D printed in a day or two… (along with guns and replacement organs).


I could go on and on but I’ll resist because what’s more important than futile predictions is this…


The experts are telling us that we will undergo more change in the next ten years than the entire 150 years beforehand.


Few things will remain the same.


That’s where we come in.


You’ll need an inner compass more urgently than ever because the ‘territory’ around you will become basically unrecognisable.


In the first month of the new decade we’ll be up-skilling you on why intention transforms goals into mindsets.