Finding Your Purpose [Elite Workshop]


  • Overview

If you want to be fulfilled, happy, and content you’ll need to let go of the idea that “more” will get you there.


Heaps of stuff certainly cradles you in ‘comfortable’ but those same trinkets fail hopelessly when it comes to feeling that your life has meaning and purpose.


Goals can be achieved but hearts may not be filled.


What nurtures our soul and uplifts our spirit is a sense of purpose.


Bottom line: We need to now that our words and deeds make a meaningful difference to somebody or something.


Without a sense of contribution to a cause we believe in, a kid we supported, a team we joined, a community we backed – we can feel that life is great but there is something missing.


Tragically, we aren’t trained to look for ‘purpose’ despite it’s obvious ability to deliver deep seated fulfilment, satisfaction and an enriched spiritual life.


Which is why this months theme may be the most life changing of all our offerings.


Join us and finally open the door to living passionately, fully and purposefully.