Building Positive Self Esteem


  • Overview

Apparenlty the average adult has about 60,000 thoughts in a day. Regardless of the actual number, it’s well established that we have a LOT of thoughts on any given day. What strikes me as far more important though is this…


Are those thoughts predominantly positive or negative?


If you’re like most people, that voice is your most constant and vocal critic – who no doubt berates you for your failures, keeps your embarrassing moments on a loop, says you can’t do the things you want to and reminds you there’s no time for the fun things in life.


What would be better?


Talking to yourself as though you were someone you loved.


Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to turn the voice in their head into an asset rather than a liability.

Let me be clear…


Nothing I say can change your self-esteem – but I can show you how to make your own soar.


Learn tried and true recipes for building self-respect, systems for getting free of others expectations and techniques for letting go of past hurts, failures or regrets. We’ll also cover methods for accepting praise, ways to practice self-care, recipes for accepting yourself – warts and all, a clear roadmap outlining the journey to self-love and processes for building self-belief.