Emotional Needs In Relationships

About This Course

With 45 years married, a book and workbook on the subject and a 3 day course with thousands of graduates, it would be fair to say that Paul and Mary Blackburn have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject of Relationships.


This session focuses on the emotional needs we subconsciously carry into our relationships. These often unrecognised, unacknowledged and unmet needs actually propel the relationship in the direction of disaster – despite the best efforts of those involved, to make it work.




What’s Inside The Emotional Needs In Relationships Execution Plan?

  • How to recognise our subconscious needs,
  • What to do to get those needs met without making unreasonable demands on your partner,
  • How to recognise your partner’s emotional needs,
  • Ways in which you can help your partner meet those needs without creating ‘work’ for yourself,
  • When to speak up and when to ‘listen’,
  • Methods for turning conflict into ‘closeness’,
  • How to listen in a way that makes your partner feel heard and understood,
  • How to find common emotional ground in the relationship,
  • Methods of responding that create intimacy instead of distance,
  • How to rise above the circumstances of heated conflict,
  • When to ‘take the blame’ (responsibility) without the associated guilt.