The Art & Science Of Communication

About This Course

Learn how to be heard and understood the first time.


Communication is an art because we all have words that fit in our mouth better than others. It’s also a science because those very same words can often be interpreted in ways that we never intended.


The Art & Science of Communication Execution Plan contains a proven system for creating expressions that convey what we actually mean whilst allowing us to “get” what others are trying to say.


What’s Inside The Art & Science of Communication Execution Plan?

  • A method for planning critical conversations that ensures success
  • How to discover what people actually mean when they speak
  • What to say that ALWAYS clears up misunderstandings
  • Why listening is your best communication skill
  • How to get things in the right order so that your message gets through
  • What to say to make sure you are understood
  • How to get people to listen until you have finished
  • When to speak and when to shut up!
  • What never works… ever
  • How to engender co-operation in communication
  • Self completion assignments designed to help you implement the strategies outlined into your daily life.