Nurturing Key Relationships

About This Course


A group of warm, caring, positive relationships has been identified as the number one factor in longevity. Specifically, people who live to be 100 whilst maintaining good health and mental acuity, are overwhelmingly members of a close-knit community.


When you view the Nurturing Key Relationships Execution Plan, you’ll be watching cutting edge material that will allow you to make all of the major or important relationships in your life work so much better!


Unlike most relationships books or courses – this program concentrates on the roles of the key relationships in your life, the purpose they are meant to serve and the methods you need to employ to keep them flourishing.



What’s In The Nurturing Key Relationships Execution Plan?

  • Why relationships are important to everyone,
  • What are the essential components of making ANY relationship work,
  • How to identify the emotional needs of the person you are in a relationship with,
  • What to do to make sure you are understood,
  • Why relationships need a significant investment of personal awareness,
  • What to do to make sure you are head and understood,
  • The formula that makes communication more successful,
  • How to understand peoples ‘Stories’,
  • What to do to avoid being caught up in someone’s drama.