The Power Of Vulnerability

About This Course

We’ve been taught that we should hide our vulnerabilities because if we don’t – they will be used against us.


Discover why this strategy is basically a recipe for a disaster and the ten simple daily actions that we can practice to live authentically and ethically.


You’ll also learn how to develop the courage to step out into the open and change from surviving to thriving.




What’s Inside The Power Of Vulnerability Execution Plan?

  • Why we choose to cover up and protect ourselves from potential hurt, rejection and criticism.
  • How that strategy is bound to backfire and damage us even more.
  • What the consequences of the traditional methods turn out to be.
  • Why our health is so badly affected by ‘covering up’.
  • The ten processes we can use to step out into the open whist keeping ourselves safe.
  • The secret ingredient needed to make vulnerability work.
  • The profound health consequences of traditional methods of handling vulnerability.
  • Why we fear being vulnerable.
  • The benefits to relationships that come from progressive revelations of our truth.
  • How we get ‘conned’ into thinking that vulnerability is weakness.