Healing Abandonment, Betrayal & Broken Trust

About This Course


Every human being is affected by trust being broken, abandonment by a loved one or betrayal by a lover or friend – at some time or other. Most of them remain wounded for a lifetime because they don’t know how to heal themselves.


This session explains the steps to take, the processes needed and the changes of perception required to recover from the wounds, heal them and move on to living fully and passionately without fear of further wounding.




What’s Inside The Healing Abandonment, Betrayal & Broken Trust Execution Plan?


  • What the breaking of trust means to us and to them,
  • The role of trusting oneself with the big decisions in life,
  • How to heal from broken trust,
  • How to find forgiveness for the ‘offenders’ in our life,
  • Why abandonment happens so often,
  • The effect of abandonment on self-worth and how to repair the damage,
  • What to do in the event of further abandonment,
  • The effect of betrayal on self-esteem,
  • How to heal betrayal issues and learn to love again,
  • Why ‘forgiveness’ is unnecessary.