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Healing Abandonment, Betrayal & Broken Trust

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Execution Plan

Firstly, if you are a member of the GSA's Success Lab please email questions about this Execution Plan (or any other mindset question) to connect@theglobalsuccessacademy.com


Or post questions in the Global Success Academy Engage Facebook Group.


Here’s how to get the most out of the content in this Execution Plan:


  1. Read the entire EP once – Read through this entire Execution Plan, then watch any videos and download the resources.  Don’t execute on the steps until you have finished reading/watching the entire EP.  This will help you understand the progression of the steps and put them into context.
  2. Complete the steps – This Execution Plan is a checklist.  Each step builds upon the next. Complete each step in order.


Lastly, here’s how to use the Execution Plan interface.


View the example EP below…






  1. Progress Bar – The Progress Bar shows you the percentage of the EP you have completed.
  2. Check boxes – Click the check box to indicate completion of a EP Step or EP Section.
  3. Course Sections – An Execution Plan is a series of steps that lead to the completion of milestones.  In this example there are four milestones entitled Start Here, Success Goal Setting, Resources and Action Steps.
  4. Course Steps – Each Course Section contains a video lesson or multiple action steps.
  5. Arrows – Use the Arrow Buttons to open and close the Course Steps in the EP.