Course Tag: Communication

  • Becoming Assertive

    Becoming Assertive

    About This Course   Discover the essential ingredients of asserting yourself powerfully and peacefully.   This session explains the steps to take, the processes needed and the changes of perception required to reclaim your personal power so that you are able to confidently and capably speak up for yourself, back your self and voice your…

  • Assertiveness Meditation

    Assertiveness Meditation
  • Compassion Meditation

    Compassion Meditation
  • Emotional Needs In Relationships

    Emotional Needs In Relationships

    About This Course With 45 years married, a book and workbook on the subject and a 3 day course with thousands of graduates, it would be fair to say that Paul and Mary Blackburn have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject of Relationships.   This session focuses on the emotional needs we…

  • Relationship Vision Meditation

    Relationship Vision Meditation
  • Personality Meditation

    Personality Meditation
  • Influence & Persuasion

    Influence & Persuasion

    About This Course The Influence & Persuasion Execution Plan is an easy to use resource that will help you understand the fundamental skills you’ll need to be persuasive in any arena.   You’ll learn exactly what persuasion is and discover the keys to crafting and presenting an irresistible message.   After you have applied the…

  • Persuasion Meditation

    Persuasion Meditation
  • The Art & Science Of Communication

    The Art & Science Of Communication

    About This Course Learn how to be heard and understood the first time.   Communication is an art because we all have words that fit in our mouth better than others. It’s also a science because those very same words can often be interpreted in ways that we never intended.   The Art & Science of…

  • Communication Skills: Empathy

    Communication Skills: Empathy

    About This Course Learn the simple guide to better communication.   The Empathy Execution Plan describes a tried and tested method for gaining and maintaining Empathy with practically anyone. The plans describes the three stages of becoming empathetic and the benefits of doing so.   As a consequence, you’ll become known for being an excellent…