Influence & Persuasion

About This Course

The Influence & Persuasion Execution Plan is an easy to use resource that will help you understand the fundamental skills you’ll need to be persuasive in any arena.


You’ll learn exactly what persuasion is and discover the keys to crafting and presenting an irresistible message.


After you have applied the knowledge in this plan, you’ll be able to raise funds for community projects, get that pay bump from your boss and perhaps even convince your teenagers to come camping.



What’s Inside the Influence & Persuasion Execution Plan?

  • Why you’re in sales, even if you don’t realise it
  • 7 key principles that impact the choices people make
  • How to make sure you’re ‘likeable’ so people are open to being persuaded by you
  • The importance of ‘framing’
  • Why you should tell people what to do
  • A step-by-step guide to disagreement that leads to persuasion
  • A comprehensive reading list for to back up your learning
  • Self-completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.