Becoming Assertive

About This Course


Discover the essential ingredients of asserting yourself powerfully and peacefully.


This session explains the steps to take, the processes needed and the changes of perception required to reclaim your personal power so that you are able to confidently and capably speak up for yourself, back your self and voice your opinion – without fear or favour.



What’s Inside The Becoming Assertive Execution Plan?


  • The difference between aggressive and assertive words and deeds,
  • How we are trained to be passive as an (unsatisfactory) means of not being aggressive,
  • The language that automatically turns your expression assertive,
  • Specific techniques for how to say ‘no’ graciously,
  • The traps set to snare us up in weak and unassertive situations,
  • What to do to assert yourself whilst not slipping into being aggressive,
  • How to extract yourself from situations where you feel overpowered.
  • What to change on the inside that affects your ability to assert yourself.