Building Self Esteem

About This Course

Most people work on getting some respectable results but you’ll know by now that you can genuinely pull off a miracle and feel no better.


You can get 99% on something and rather than feel great – spend months agonising over where that extra 1% went.


You can reward yourself (for no reason) with a new car, outfit or trinket but at some point they get old and fail to float your boat any longer.


You can go on some punitive diet and just feel miserable instead of skinny and great.


Working from the outside in, isn’t going to cut the mustard.


Try working from the inside out.




What’s Inside The Building Self Esteem Execution Plan?

  • Why healthy Self Respect, Self Care & Self Love are fundamental to your wellbeing
  • How to grow robust Self Esteem
  • What to do to stop undervaluing your achievements
  • How to change your view of your self and your track record
  • What practices create a strong sense of dignity, confidence and self assurance
  • How to honour your efforts rather than your results
  • What to do to turn your relationship with failure around