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Working With Fear

About This Course

Most people have their fears so successfully suppressed that they believe they don’t have much to address when it comes to the subject.


Yet - as you’ll discover - fear runs the world.


This session reveals that dealing with fear involves identifying fears by watching for their effects in daily life. Whist most people need to feel more and think less - when it comes to fear, we need to think more and feel less.



About The Working With Fear Execution Plan

  • How fear functions to protect us - ensuring survival,
  • Why fear influences every decision we make,
  • Why we often get “hijacked” by our emotions,
  • The role of the Amygdala and it’s Limbic system friends,
  • Techniques for coping with fear,
  • Processes that will help you deal better with fear,
  • Ideas for eradicating a fear altogether,
  • Methods for switching between thinking and feeling,
  • How to stop reacting to fear and start responding.