5 Keys to Becoming Unstoppable – Lesson 1

About This Course

Learn how to effectively deal with stress so you can easily handle whatever life throws your way. This lesson describes the difference between the two major types of stress and details the skills you’ll need to make the most of one and ditch the other so you can be cool, calm and collected.



What’s Inside The Transforming Stress Execution Plan

  • The two major types of stress and how they impact on us,
  • The adaptive stress response and its hormones,
  • Why some stress is great for you and some is absolutely not,
  • The negative cycle created by technology and what to do about it,
  • Three ‘in the moment’ stress reduction techniques for immediate relief,
  • Three tools for removing broader, more general stress from your life,
  • How to be cool, calm and collected even in the midst of chaos,
  • How to build inner peace and increase your enjoyment of life.