Understanding Your Drivers

About This Course


Rarely does anyone get the chance to look into the inner workings of the Global Success Academy Personality Profile Tool and its deepest revelations. Built by Paul to help him deliver breakthroughs for his personal clients the GSA Personality Profiling too has never been revealed in this simple but powerful way.


You’ll discover the hidden drivers that motivate behaviour in each of the personality types.



What’s Inside the Understanding Your Drivers Execution Plan?


  • Learn why you so often contradict yourself personality and preference-wise.
  • Discover the drivers that create your personal lessons in life.
  • Learn how to change those drivers if you decide to.
  • Discover what works best in terms of expression your deepest self.
  • Why you can be ‘so completely’ misunderstood.
  • What really makes your heart sing.
  • How to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses,
  • The role of ‘me time’ in finding inner peace,
  • What your deepest fears are and how to break their grip on you.