Transforming Fear

About This Course

Learn the step by step process for eradicating fear.


The Transforming Fear Execution Plan describes a foolproof method for transforming fear into excitement. The plan outlines the role of fear, where and how it operates and what to do to turn fear from adversary to ally.


You’ll learn the steps anyone can use to overcome even the most out of control panic attack – turning it into a simple easy to process event  – rather than totally incapacitating terror struck paralysis.


It’s that good!


What’s Inside The Transforming Fear Execution Plan?

  • The roles of emotions and how to handle them to your advantage.
  • Why emotions have such power over us.
  • How emotions in general “work” and how to work with them.
  • The three levels of understanding about fear, sadness and anger.
  • How to stop yourself becoming overwhelmed.
  • Strategies for stopping fear (and other emotions) building up to breaking point
  • The three strategies for dealing with fear.
  • The stories fear generates and how to avoid buying into them.
  • The three biggest fears and how to handle them.
  • The irreversible sequence that unresolved emotions throws us into.
  • Why other emotions (unprocessed) end up morphing into fear.
  • Self completion assignments designed to help you implement the strategies outlined into your daily life.