The New Rules Of Money

About This Course

Learn what to do to make sure your money serves you.


Radical changes have reshaped the financial world we live in. It’s no longer viable to embark on a career in the safe knowledge that it will still be relevant in 5, 10 or 15 years time.


Buy and hold (property) is no longer the guarantee of capital gains that it was for generations of Aussies. Technological change means that we must look more for cash flow now rather than capital gains that show no signs of returning to their former glory.


The wealthy of the future will not be those who stick with old ideas of money management but rather those who take the opportunity inherent in any change filled environment and run with it.



What’s Inside The New Rules Of Money Execution Plan?

  • An outline of why prices for consumables will continue to accelerate beyond expensive and into prohibitive
  • A description of what used to work financially and why
  • The 7 key changes in money mindset that will set you free in the current economy
  • An assessment system that will tell you where you are vulnerable and where you are strong
  • The key questions you should ask yourself before implementing any change to your finances
  • What “time tested” truths are no longer, actually true
  • Exactly what has replaced those ‘time tested truths’ to become the new reality
  • How to decide where to invest, when and under what circumstances
  • Why joint ventures, partnerships and creative financing are set to overtake traditional financing models.