Self Forgiveness

About This Course

Learning to forgive is essential if we are to outgrow our experiences. Most people can see that holding a grudge hurts them more than the person that they were hurt by and so eventually approach forgiveness as a necessity for inner peace.


The bigger problem is that we are less accepting of the need for forgiving ourselves than we are of letting it all go with an outsider.


Yet the same truth applies – self forgiveness, whilst a much more difficult concept – is at least and probably more necessary than releasing a “transgressor”.


There is no denying that we have all disappointed ourselves. And there is no avoiding the fact that must forgive ourselves in order to be able to move on.



What’s Inside The Self Forgiveness Execution Plan?

  • How to eradicate guilt, remorse, and shame associated with a specific event in your life.
  • What to do with feelings of failure.
  • How to “get over”, rise above or just plain let go of your expectations.
  • Why self forgiveness is related to your values.
  • How to emotionally restore a positive sense of self.
  • How to rebuild self acceptance.
  • Specifically what needs to happen in your emotional world in order to heal and grow.