Remembering The Future

About This Course

Creating a future that looks like a photocopy of the past is something that every student of personal development has done (or continues to do) despite their best efforts to the contrary.


This workshop explains the sequence of events, attitudes, beliefs and actions that cause self-sabotage to raise its ugly head when we least expect it.


It contains an explanation of the steps one can take to break the cycle and heal ourselves and leads into a description of what to do to create the future that fits your vision.



What’s Inside The Remembering The Future Execution Plan?


  • Why we behave in ways contrary to our best interests,
  • What role beliefs play in forming our results,
  • How rationalisations and justifications keep us stuck,
  • The role of original wounds and their continuing effect on our lives,
  • How we explain our behaviours in order to continue to misbehave,
  • The nature of the vicious cycle that keeps us trapped,
  • Where the cycle can be broken,
  • The five techniques for breaking links to the past,
  • Follow up methods that make the ‘broken links’ stay that way.