Releasing Guilt

About This Course

Often a precursor to shame, guilt does enormous damage because of its tendency to persist over time.


In live classes we often find large numbers of people feeling guilty about something that happened 25 years ago. Unfortunately guilt does NOTHING to improve our behaviour and even less to enhance our wellbeing.


In this plan you will learn how to use guilt to live a better life by:


  1. learning from it,
  2. changing because of it and
  3. letting it go.


Overcoming guilt is NOT saying that what took place is OK.



What’s Inside The Releasing Guilt Execution Plan?

  • The relationship between Anger and guilt,
  • he role of guilt and why we keep punishing ourselves,
  • Why guilt is a desertion of your fundamental self,
  • How to learn, change and grow from guilt,
  • What to do to release yourself from guilt,
  • How to give yourself support and care,
  • When, where and how to release yourself from guilt,
  • Self completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.