Reading People At A Glance

About This Course

A simple guide to communicating effectively with absolutely anyone!


The Reading People At A Glance Execution Plan includes a tried and tested method for reading people quickly and easily. Using it you’ll be able to engage effectively with anyone by adjusting your communication style to suit them specifically.


As a result, you’ll become known for being an excellent communicator and will be able to communicate people from all walks of life with total ease.



What’s Inside The Reading People At A Glance Plan?

  • The four different personality types.
  • How to identify each of the personality types.
  • Why you should be talking less than 50% of the time when communicating.
  • The impact of tone, body language and other non verbal inputs on communication.
  • The importance of questions.
  • What the personality types like in communication.
  • How to adjust your communication style for each type.
  • Self completion assignments designed to help you implement the strategies outlined into your daily life.