Procrastination Into Motivation

About This Course

Learn the 11 simple keys to transforming your greatest obstacle (You!) into your greatest asset!


The Turning Procrastination Into Motivation Execution Plan is a fantastic guide that makes it easy to identify the activities, beliefs and behaviours that encourage procrastination and contains the steps that are proven to transform it into the motivation and action that will propel breakthroughs in everything you do.



What’s Inside The Turning Procrastination Into Motivation Execution Plan?

  • What’s wrong with basic goal setting.
  • The procrastination cycle.
  • Understanding how procrastination serves you.
  • The mood altering cycle.
  • The role of mood altering and how to ensure you do it well.
  • The motivation cycle and how to use it.
  • How to put the procrastination, mood altering and motivation cycles together in a constructive way.
  • Why your goals and values are critically important to overcoming procrastination and staying motivated.
  • Why you’ll need an awesome peer group of people on a similar journey to you.
  • 7 tips for taking action that will move you forward on a regular basis.
  • 3 big secrets to staying inspired and motivated over the long term.
  • Self completion assignments that will ensure you are implementing the concepts from this execution plan into your daily life.