Personal Leadership

About This Course

Learn how to lead yourself so that you become the person you want to be, why leadership begins at home and why we regularly fail to inspire ourselves. At that point, we and resort to willpower and discipline which results in a lack of consistency.


This execution plan includes a number of self-assessment exercises that allow you to discover the areas in your life that need work so that you can walk your talk and generate the results you want.



What’s Inside The Personal Leadership Execution Plan?

  • Why personal victories must come before you can expect public ones
  • Where integrity fits in your own personal development plan
  • What to do to build self-respect and self-care
  • Why we don’t develop self-trust and how to change it
  • How we link failure to deep levels of self-mistrust
  • What to do to step out of force, discipline and willpower and into personal inspiration
  • Three self-assessment tools that indicate where you need to put your effort
  • The role of accountability and what comes after that has served its purpose
  • How to develop self-trust
  • The 12 behaviours of great leaders that – if we develop them – turn us into great leaders ourselves
  • The 8 qualities of a good self-leader.