Money Mindset

About This Course


An 18 year old starting work this week is expected to earn (on average) between $4M and $7M over their working life.


Ninety five percent of them will spend it all and need financial assistance (the pension) in retirement.


In this lesson, you’ll find out how to join the 5% who produce financial independence regardless of their income levels whilst working.


The big secret? 


There isn’t one.


Listen in and discover how simple it could be… 




What’s Inside The Money Mindset Execution Plan?


  • How your beliefs about money affect your ability to master it.
  • What your beliefs tell you about the ‘reality’ of money.
  • How and why you formed your money beliefs.
  • The simplest and yet most profoundly guaranteed way to create wealth.
  • The rules that govern all investments & how to always win – over time.
  • Why investing is safer than not investing.
  • The golden rule of investment.
  • Why saving is a necessity.
  • What to do ignorer to have your money start to work for you instead of you working for it.