Managing Yourself Through Change

About This Course


Change is the only known constant in the universe. We know it is, yet we resist it as though our lives depend on it. The truth is, it is only when we accept that change is inevitable that we can turn our efforts towards positive change that is good for us.


This Execution Plan explains why we so often fail to do what is good for us, push back against the things we know we must eventually do anyway and even resist just for the sake of resisting. It also outlines the steps that can be used to turn change into opportunity.




What’s Inside the Managing Yourself Through Change Execution Plan?


  • What the Change Curve is and why we slip down the slope it presents
  • How we procrastinate our way into trouble by resisting changes that are inevitable
  • What we need to do to stop the slide down the Change Curve
  • The best time to get on board with change
  • How to handle uncertainty, fear, worry and confusion
  • Why we are so easily distracted from changes we know we need to make
  • What to do to lessen the impact of change
  • Why we fear change
  • How to help others who are struggling
  • How the stories we tell ourselves affect our ability to deal with change
  • The six stages of response to change (and the emotions present during each)
  • How to focus on what you can control.