About This Course


We are hardwired to Judge. In fact, its a basic ancestral survival skill that made the difference between life and death.


Nowadays we still use judgement to figure out what might hurt and what might not – but we have scaled it up to epic proportions while the threat to our well being has dramatically decreased.


Learning how to suspend judgement has a dramatic impact on our happiness levels.



What’s Inside The Judgement Execution Plan?

  • The six principles of suspending judgement for your own good.
  • The five most successful techniques for eradicating judgement form your thinking and acting,
  • The many ways judgement damages you and your loved ones,
  • What to do when your thoughts head straight into judgement despite your best efforts,
  • Why you are the main beneficiary of suspending judgement,
  • How to help others with their own unfair and unnecessary judgements,
  • What to do so that judgement becomes less a ‘feature’ of how you operate.