Intentions > Goals

About This Course


Learn why setting an intention can deliver results regardless of whether or not you reach the associated goals and targets.


The Intentions > Goals Execution Plan outlines the difference between a goal and an intention so that you can understand the need for both. You’ll discover tools that allow you to implement them separately so you can use them in concert with one another to create greater impact.


You’ll also learn why goals backed up by appropriate and meaningful intentions create balance between our desire to achieve what’s important to us and who we become in the process.



What’s Inside The Intentions > Goals Execution Plan?


  • What to do to ensure that your intentions ‘match’ your goals
  • How to set intentions as experiences you desire while working towards your goals
  • When to just ‘go for gold’ and get what you want
  • Why you should sometimes dump the goal and aim for the intention
  • Why intentions change goals from targets to methods for habit change
  • What to do to make sure that your goals and intentions work to support each other
  • How intentions transform your habits
  • Why intentions are the pathway to a more spiritual life.