Healing Shock

About This Course

The rate of change in our culture and environment is at such a speed nowadays that your ‘usefulness’ and your capacity to survive –  is no longer a matter of what you know, what you can do, who you know or what skills you may have.


Today your ability to learn quickly, to adapt your behaviour because of that learning, to change your approach to nearly every aspect of life and to implement new principles – on the fly – is the one quality more valuable than all the others put together.


When the speed of change reaches a certain point, those who can’t adapt quickly enough get left behind. Not because they can’t be helped or saved – but primarily because everyone else is too busy to reach out and dragging them into the lifeboats.


This results in stress, strain, shock and suffering that few people are equipped to handle.


This Execution Plan teaches how to recognise the early signs of struggle in both ourselves and others, what to do to ‘handle’ conflicting priorities and how to bring peace and calm into your life and the life of others.



What’s Inside the Healing Stress Execution Plan?

  • Why stress can be a normal reaction,
  • What to do to minimise the effect of stressful situations and events,
  • How to recognise the early warning sign in yourself and others that the ‘edges are coming unravelled’,
  • The predictable stages of Shock and how to facilitate progress through them,
  • What most people actually want when the strain and stress are showing,
  • Why trauma is on the rise at an alarming rate,
  • The difference between stress and trauma,
  • How and why happiness has been static for 70 years while income has exploded,
  • How worry morphs into panic which rarely fixes itself,
  • What the physical, mental and emotional signs of trauma are.