Healing Shame

About This Course

Learn the fundamental skills for healing shame.


Shame is the inner experience of being “not wanted.” It is feeling worthless and rejected – believing that you are not loved because you are not loveable.


Shame always carries with it the sense that there is nothing you can do about it, so it accumulates and leads to depression and anxiety. For many people living this way may be considered normal, it is so painful, so debilitating that they develop many coping strategies, conscious and unconscious, numbing and destructive, to avoid its pain.


To move through shame you need to become aware of your internal emotional state. That is to recognise that you are living with shame, rather than deny or suppress the emotion.



What’s Inside the Healing Shame Execution Plan?

  • How to become aware of your internal emotional state
  • The secret to finding a core level blockage
  • Discover the difference between shame and guilt
  • Learn how shame is created
  • Find out how keeping secrets is the most damaging aspect of shame
  • How to start grieving and express your sadness
  • How to connect with your essence and end the loneliness that shame creates
  • Self completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life