Handling Setbacks

About This Course

Learn the 10 key skills for handling whatever life throws at you!


The Handling Setbacks Execution Plan includes ten practical skills for ensuring you’re able to handle whatever life throws at you. You’ll discover the importance of speed recovery, the role of acceptance and why you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable.


After applying the knowledge in this plan you’ll be ready to take on the world with ease and grace, no matter what comes next.



What’s Inside The Handling Setbacks Execution Plan?

  • The three different areas you’ll need to focus on to improve your ability to handle setbacks – mental, physical and emotional.
  • 10 essential skills for boosting your ability to handle setbacks.
  • The difference between being right and being effective – and why it matters.
  • One of the most powerful mindset skills you can use.
  • Why you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  • The role of acceptance.
  • The importance of speed recovery.
  • The truth about resilience and how to use it to best effect.
  • Self completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.