Finding Your Purpose

About This Course

Despite a plethora of personal success and achievements – it’s quite possible to feel the emptiness associated with feeling like you are just going through the numbers.


Without a sense of purpose about what we do (and how we do it) many of our activities seem like good things to do while we are waiting for the thunderbolt of realisation that tells us what our life was meant to be spent doing.


This execution plan lays the groundwork for finding purpose through


  1. Seven key questions and
  2. Three core blockages to avoid along the way.



What’s In The Finding Your Purpose Execution Plan?

  • The seven key questions that point towards purpose
  • The three distractions that will stop you reaching that purpose
  • Understanding why Passion, Power and Purpose are related
  • How and where to look within for the purpose that makes your heart sing
  • What to do to live purposefully every day
  • How to focus on the present moment so that it adds purpose to your work
  • Why self-esteem and purpose are related and how to work with them
  • Processes and techniques to discover what really matters to you.