Creating Happiness

About This Course

Learn why pursuing happiness may be the very concept that prevents you finding it.


The Creating Happiness Execution Plan describes the five tools you need to be able to use to bring happiness, contentment and satisfaction into your life and the four skills you’ll need to develop in order to make happiness stay long enough to become an old friend.



What’s Inside the Creating Happiness Execution Plan

  • How we manufacture happiness and manipulate our circumstances to create contentment regardless of the actual results we experience,
  • Why pursuing happiness may be counterproductive,
  • What the five tools for creating happiness are and why they work,
  • How to employ the five tools for the best effect and the least life disruption,
  • Learn the four skills of happiness creation and realise how easy they are to make work,
  • How to develop the four happiness skills and use them to best effect,
  • What to do to bring happiness into your life without changing careers, partners, locations…