About This Course


Understanding what compassion is and why it’s so important is essential to us being able to develop the social connections that are the underlying drives of human behaviour.


People are by nature highly social, but to establish these connections requires the ability to express care and concern for other people, as well as to identify with them.


Simply put: compassion has a huge effect on our mental health, and our mental health impacts our physical health. It is quite literally impossible to be truly healthy without being compassionate.



What’s in the Compassion Execution Plan?

  • Compassion defined
  • Learn the three requirements for compassion
  • Clearing up Misunderstandings about Compassion
  • Learn the 5 skills needed for compassion
  • Find out the reasons why compassion is sometimes hard to do
  • Discover 6 practices that will help you be more compassionate
  • Learn how to be a more compassionate parent (no matter what age your child)
  • Self-completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.