Building Resilience

About This Course

The Resilience Execution Plan will help you understand how to build, maintain and tap into resilience and the fundamental skills you’ll need to use to turn yourself into a productivity powerhouse.


With the ever increasing demands of modern life a constant, our ability to tap into our inner well of stamina and fortitude is more important than ever. This course explains the nine keys to developing resilience and how to use them.


After you’ve applied the knowledge in this plan, you’ll know how to tap into and use the boundless energy source you have within you.



What’s Inside The Building Resilience Execution Plan?

  • The secret to finding your inner strength and fortitude
  • The nine components of resilience and how to use them
  • Strategies for revitalising yourself
  • Why personal relationships are key to building resilience
  • The role of compartmentalising
  • The reason multitasking is actually a bad idea
  • What to do to get an instant “pick me up”
  • How to recover from the inevitable setbacks
  • Self completion assignments to ensure you implement these concepts into your daily life.