Aligning Goals & Values

About This Course

Learn how to ensure you find happiness and generate long term fulfilment and satisfaction.


Making quality decisions about where to spend your time and resources in order to build a superb life can be difficult when you don’t have an internal framework to guide you. The Aligning Goals & Values Execution Plan contains a proven system for creating happiness and fulfilment by clearly establishing your values so that you can use them to devise a plan of action that leads to the completion of your most important goals.


By doing so, you’ll be creating a life that makes you truly, deeply happy.



What’s Inside The Aligning Goals & Values Execution Plan?

  • A method for life planning that anyone can use to ensure they’re happy and fulfilled.
  • How to establish your values.
  • How to set goals that align with your values.
  • How to eradicate ‘to do’ list overwhelm.
  • How to get things in the right order so that your goals don’t grind you down.
  • What order to place projects in so that they don’t create conflicts.
  • A guide for critical decision making.
  • How to avoid the dilemma of what/who comes first in your life (and diary!).
  • How to make decisions based on your values.
  • What to do to avoid being trapped by the inability to make a decision.
  • Self completion assignments designed to help you implement the strategies outlined into your daily life.