Success Goal Setting

About This Course

Learn why traditional goal setting is flawed and how to ensure your goals set you up for massive success!


This execution plan offers an extensive array of tools for exploring and setting successful goals in any area.  Using it, you’ll be able to set goals that make the most of your strengths and weaknesses, take your values and mindset into account and have built in steps and accountability.


Doing so almost guarantees you’ll reach them.



What’s Inside The Success Goal Setting Execution Plan?

  • Why traditional goal setting is flawed.
  • How success goal setting is different.
  • The formula for writing great goals.
  • Using your strengths, weaknesses, mindset and beliefs to your advantage when goal setting.
  • How to include accountability in goal setting to ensure you get where you want to be.
  • 17 critical questions to ask yourself about every goal you set.
  • Helpful examples to illustrate a well considered, brilliantly set goal.
  • Self completion assignments that make it easier to ensure the lessons from this plan are implemented into your daily life.