Avoiding The Anxiety Epidemic

About This Course

It’s not just millennials who have been described as the Anxiety Generation.


Most people are busier now than they were 10 years ago. 


And that was busier than the ten years before it.


But we need to understand the broad-ranging, culturally based, rise of the Anxiety Epidemic if we are to have any chance of not becoming one of its victims.


As we live lives that become progressively more “algorithm-driven” we lose the connections, processes and spaces that are the exact (and often desperately needed) antidote to Anxiety.


Rather than rely on the most prescribed drugs in history – we need to know how to generate our own “anti-depressants”. 


Fortunately, the brain produces a series of ‘happy chemicals’ that affect our feelings positively. Knowing precisely what to do to cause the brain to secrete the right chemicals at the right time means that we learn to affect our mood without substances or activities that exact a high price for their impact.



What’s Inside The Avoiding The Anxiety Epidemic Execution Plan?

  • How the rise of anxiety parallels the advent of the smartphone
  • Why anxiety gains the ‘hold’ that it does
  • The root cause of anxiety
  • Why anxiety isn’t going away
  • The ‘good purpose’ of anxiety
  • Five proven (natural) techniques for reducing anxiety that work better than drugs
  • Attitudes and mindsets that alter the impact of anxiety
  • How to help someone suffering from anxiety
  • What activities defuse anxiety
  • What attitudes and activities to avoid
  • What thought processes help reduce anxiety
  • The symptoms of anxiety that don’t look like anxiety
  • Processes and practices that prevent the onset of anxiety.